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Please take a moment to answer these questions      
      Your feedback is vital to help us maintain and improve the quality of our services

  1.  When did you first receive the inspection agreement?

     E-mailed prior to inspection                            At the end of the inspection  
    At the beginning of the inspection                 When I arrived at the house..  (If you came later)     
    In the middle of the inspection   

                                                                                                                  Yes               Partially             No 

  2.  Did you follow the inspector during all the inspection?                                                                   
     If not all, describe the areas you did not follow him: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


 DID THE INSPECTOR...                                                                           Yes                Somewhat           No

 3.  Explain the inspection process at the beginning of the
     inspection or when you arrived at the house?                                                                       


 4.  Increase your understanding of the property 
 and required maintenance?                                                                                                          

 5.  Look at and check everything thoroughly?                                                                

6.  Ask if you had any concerns or questions &
     then answered them to your satisfaction?


 7.  Was the inspector easy to understand? (communication skills)                                   

 8.  Do you feel the inspector gave you a pretty good idea 
of the house’s condition as seen during the inspection?                                                   

9.  Would you recommend our services to others?                                                              

 10. Can we use your answers in future testimonials?                                                     

 11. Inspection Service Overall                                       Excellent
            Good                  Fair               Poor


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS APPRECIATED: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________



 NAME: ________________________________________________________________________DATE: ________________

INSPECTION ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________

 MAIL TO:    Home One Property Inspections Inc.       P.O. Box 32261      Tucson, AZ     85751     

E-MAIL TO: homeoneinspections@msn.com              FAX TO:     1-888-557-9601


Thanks for filling out the Evaluation and sending back to us!
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