One Dollar* New Construction Inspections

              New home construction inspections are focused exclusively on the  identification of defects



Do you think new homes Don’t need an inspection?

It is Home One's experience that many defects are done during the time of            

construction. On an average, we find 8 to 12 items or more that                       

are done improperly during construction. If you are having a home

built, protect your investment with construction phase inspections. 



Pre-drywall Inspection - This is what we recommend.

There are different type’s of inspections. But our inspectors feel the most important inspection to be done is a Pre-drywall inspection. This is also the most cost-effective inspection. This is done just prior to the installation of the insulation and drywall. It is the best time to inspect the framing and nailing, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling ducts, etc., while they are still visible.



Final Inspection - Don’t forget this one!

The other one that is a must to have is a Final Inspection. This is done

at the end of construction. The utilities are now on, the water heater,

heating / cooling and appliances are installed, along with the walls, ceilings, flooring, windows and doors, electrical, plumbing, etc.  Home One inspects and test these for proper installation and operation.



Don’t Want an Inspection? - How about Pictures Only.

If you don’t want an inspection, but do want to see how the house is coming

along. Our inspectors will go to the house once a week, once a month or as often as you

want and take pictures and e-mail them to you. Imagine how nice it would be to see the progress of the construction..


How does a "One dollar inspection" sound? * (for a limited time only)
Home One is so confident that every home needs a new construction inspection. If you order a
"Pre-drywall and a Final Inspection" at the same time,and our inspectors don't find anything wrong with the pre-drywall inspection.
One dollar is all you pay for the pre-drywall inspection. Another great reason to use Home One inspections

* To be eligible for the one dollar pre-drywall special: a final inspection must be ordered and paid for at the same time
   you order a pre-drywall inspection
* The one dollar special does not apply to a final inspection, and does not apply when you only order a pre-drywall

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