Optional Items

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 We offer “optional” items that can be added
 to a home inspection

Gas Leak Testing $25 *
We can test “accessible” gas lines for gas leaks using the most up to date testing equipment available.

Appliance Recall Check
  $45 *      
It is estimated that there are millions of kitchen, HVAC and water heater appliances that has recalls in homes today. The home inspector will take the make and model # of these and send them to an official recall company Recall
Chek    to see of there are any recalls or unknown defects.  If any potential recalls are found, you will receive a report and information in how to get these repaired.

Popcorn Ceiling Testing   $85 * (for 1st test, $60 for each additional test)
We can take a sample and have it checked for possible asbestos on houses built prior to 1980.

Radon Testing   $175 *
Home One can perform a radon test using state-of-the-art radon detection equipment. We will deliver the test results within 2 business days after the test equipment has been placed and than picked up from the premises.

Underground Sewer Drain Line “CAMERA” Inspection    $225 to $250

We have a professional plumbing company that can put a camera down the main underground drain line to see what condition it’s in. Spending a few hundred now can save thousands in repairs or replacement later. Find out what condition it is in before you buy the house


* Add $50 for testing if some of the items are “not” done during the inspection


Prices subject to change


                       Call our office to schedule these optional items with your inspection




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