Pool & Spa Inspection

Pool & Spa Inspections:    $65 pool, $50 in-ground spa, $95 for both *
(These prices are if Home One Property Inspections does the home inspection at the same time as the pool and/or spa inspection, please see our homepage: homeoneinspections.com

Pool & Spa systems can be quite extensive and costly to repair. Doesn't it make sense to ensure the Pool and/or Spa is working properly before the purchase of the house?
*It is neccessary to have the pool and spa filled with water in order to do a thorough inspection.

What is Looked at: 
Outside of pool:    * pool and spa body    * decking around the pool    * the lights inside the pool    * coping        * drain strip   
                                    * skimmer       * drains          * water fill type       * shut off valve at house         *diving board          * slide 

Pool Equipment:    * pump/ motor       * water pipes      * valves      * filter type        * pressure guage     * heater       * blowers 
                                    * in-pool cleaning device

Electrical Parts:      * timer      * light & GFCI      * wiring, outlets & GFCI at equipment area

Barrier Fencing:     * self closing gate  * self closer at slider door    * condition of fencing

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