The Home One Inspection Report:
Home One Property Inspections is proud to provide you with a state of the art computerized report that includes many color digital photos.                                                                                                                                   

Same day reports - You will receive your report by e-mail at the end of the day, via Adobe Acrobat PDF file. 

If you decide to attend the inspection - the inspector will be giving you a lot of information about the house. The nice thing about our inspections is you don’t need to try and "remember" all this information. It will be in your report and in a very easy to read format.

A Home One inspection report also includes: several pages of general information about homes in this area, year-round maintenance chart,  free maintenance and repair record sheet, and a free check list to use on your final walk through to reconfirm the condition of your house right before you buy it, and re-inspection information.                       Click here to view

The Inspection or Service Agreement:   Arizona law states that we must have a signed inspection or service agreement, before we can release the inspection report.                         To view a copy of the agreement click here:

Home inspections are performed in accordance with the Arizona Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors, hereinafter referred to as AZ- ASHI and is an examination of the mechanical and physical components of real property identified as they exist at the time of the inspection.                                    Click AZ ASHI to view standards 

What If I have a Question?

Give Home One a call! It’s that simple. Home One Property Inspections is here to serve your needs and answer your questions. There is no charge for this continued support. A simple call can save you time and trouble.

    "I felt very comfortable with the inspector, he explained everything to me. He assured me that he was there in my best interest. I felt he did a thorough job and I feel a little more at ease and confident with my decision to purchase this property."
      - Maria

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