Pre-Sale Sellers Advantage” Inspection


We offer two type of pre-sale inspections

1. The first one is our standard pre-sale inspection, this is a great way for you to learn the condition of the house and get it ready for sale.

2. The other type is our "sellers Advantage" inspection. This includes our pre-sale inspection, and our MARKETING program

 Why have an inspection when the house is listed?... 

                Because having the inspection at the BEGINNING of the transaction lets you know the condition
                    of the house so you can make any repairs and price it accordingly to make the most money

                                                       Reduces or eliminates sudden surprises for  the seller or Agent

The seller has time to choose the best repair professionals with the best  prices

Homes sell faster and often for more money

Thing are known from the start so there are no last minute walking away by buyers

 Reduces stress and liability

 Here is where the difference comes in. We do things most other 
companies don't do to help you sell your house faster.. 

When you order the Sellers Advantage inspection you get this....

We install a large sign in the front yard indicating the house has been Pre-Inspected

A Full Report will be in the home for buyers to review

 A Pre-Sale Inspection Certificate is left at the house

 We provide the seller with a Curb Appeal Check List

We Email our growing data base of realtors encouraging them to check out this house

 If you want, we will  take pictures of the house, inside and out for you to use in your advertising
The seller receives a DISCOUNT certificate towards their next home inspection 

                           To schedule your inspection, call us:                        
                   (520) 749-6620 


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