Annual Maintenance Review Inspection


What is an Annual Maintenance Review?

A very important and low cost yearly look at your home, allowing you to save money by addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner. When was the last time you looked at your roof, checked your electrical or looked for plumbing leaks?  

Why a review?

1. Small problems can be easy to repair; left alone they can become large, costly problems
2. To save you money.
3. To look for problems 
4. To minimize the overall damage and needed repairs before they get worse 

When the house is now your home:
* Change all locks on exterior entrances for improved security
* Replace batteries in all smoke detectors. Put a note on your calendar to replace them in one year
* Create a fire escape plan for your new home. Consult your local fire department for advice on what to do in case of a fire
* Review your home inspection report for any items requiring immediate attention
* Learn the location of main shut-offs for your plumbing, electrical and heating systems


Home Maintenance Tips


Monthly Maintenance:

 * Check your fire extinguishers to be sure they are fully charged
* Repair or replace leaking faucets or shower heads
* Check grout and caulk in bathrooms. Ensure water is not escaping during showering 
   & Check below all plumbing fixtures for leakage
* Re-secure loose toilets and repair or replace faulty flush mechanisms
* Replace or clean heating and cooling air filters
* Clean all gutters and downspouts. Check that downspouts are secure and the discharge is appropriate
* Test all GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) devices 

Spring and Fall:

 * Examine your roof for damage to the roof coverings, chimney and flashings
* If possible, look in the attic. Check for evidence of leakage, condensations or critters
* Check your landscaping around structures. Trim back tree branches and shrubs to be sure they are not contacting any structures
*  Inspect the exterior walls and foundation of the house for damage,  cracking or movement. Look for bird nests, insect & critter activity
*  Clean and test windows to be sure they are operating correctly. Add  caulking and weather-stripping if needed. Inspect for evidence of any rotten wood. Paint and repair the window sills and frames as needed
* Test the garage door opener. Be sure the auto-reverse mechanism is responding properly
*Clean and lubricate rollers, tracks, and hinges on the overhead doors
* Clean and inspect all appliances as suggested by the manufacturer 

* Replace smoke detector batteries
* Have the heating, cooling and water heater systems cleaned and serviced
* Have chimney inspected and cleaned. Be sure the rain caps and vermin screens are secure
* Call Home One Property Inspections for an Annual Maintenance Inspection



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