Buyer's Inspection


Considering Purchasing a Home

At Home One Property Inspections, we've done thousands of inspections and have hundreds of hours of training and continuing education.  We are Professionally Trained, State Licensed,  and Nationally Certified to complete this inspection task at hand. We also have developed a systematic approach in the way we inspect and evaluate the house.    

What Really Matters?

Buying  a house can be stressful.  A Home One inspection will try to set you at ease. You are welcome to join the inspector to learn things about the house.


The home inspection is a visual inspection, and we can only inspect places that we can access easily and safely.

The inspector will collect information about the house, go back to the office and put together an inspection report with color photos, this is emailed to you usually at the end of the day . 

You will also receive other materials that can assist you with the buying process, to learn more about houses in the area, and for future maintenance of the property.

Frequently asked questions:

 When Can I Schedule an Inspection?   
You can call the Home One Property Inspections office to schedule an inspection 

Monday -Friday 8am-5pm    Saturday 9am to 4pm
How long will it take?
The average home inspection takes two to three hours or more depending on the size, age, and condition of the property.  
Should I be there?

Home One Property Inspections strongly urges you as the buyer to be present for the entire inspection. 

We try to educate you about the different things at the house while doing the inspection. If you, as the buyer, can't make it for the entire inspection, then try making it towards. By being present you, the buyer, will have a far greater understanding of you new home and the report. If you can't make it at all don't worry, our inspection report is very easy to understand and of course if you have any questions, just call us!

 When do I get the report? 

 Home One Property Inspections do same day inspections reports. Reports are e-mailed out at the end of the day.

What some customers have said:


"Your  inspector was very nice, explained everything and answered all my  questions. He is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him  to family and friends when they purchase their homes. Thank you very  much for your great customer service (A+)"

"We  were given lots of information that was very helpful since we are first  time home buyers We felt very comfortable asking questions and the  inspector was very patent."
 - Jaclyn and Jeff

"Your inspector was professional and complete. My Realtor said he was the best inspector she'd encountered, Thanks!"
 - Deanna 



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