Seller's/ Pre-Listing Inspection


Considering Selling Your Home..You Need A Pre-Sale Inspection...Why?

· Virtually eliminates emotionally and financially draining re-negotiations

· Helps buyers feel immediately more comfortable with the property

· Increases the buyer’s perceived value of the home

· Gives sellers the opportunity to eliminate certain defects before needing to disclose them to prospective buyers

· Allows time to make any necessary repairs in order to more effectively market the home in the most positive light

· Reduces the likelihood that buyers will hire their own inspectors

· Reduces the likelihood of costly surprises being found by a buyer’s inspector after the sellers thought they had a firm offer

· Virtually eliminates emotionally and financially draining renegotiations

· Increases the likelihood that offers will turn into closings

· Reduces the buyer’s negotiating leverage regarding existing property conditions

· Helps sellers honestly disclose everything about their home, reducing liability for disclosure

. Reduces chances of being sued by unhappy buyers.   

Frequently asked questions:

Should I have my home inspected before putting it on the market?

Only if you want to sell your home in less time, with fewer hassles, and with more money left in your pocket.

How will my home really look to buyers and their inspectors?

Home  inspections purchased by buyers invariably turn up unpleasant surprises  that can cost sellers much more money and grief than necessary.

What if you could eliminate those surprises and their negative impact?

Why should I pay for a home inspection if the buyers are probably going to pay for one, anyway?

If  you wait for the buyers to discover imperfections in your home, they  will probably use the information in their inspection report to ask for  adjustments in the negotiated purchase price, or ask you to make repairs  that will end up costing you much more than they would have if you  still had the time to shop around and be in control with your own  decisions. 

Unfortunately, buyers seem to become much more adamant and demanding about what they want when they feel they’re in control.

Will buyers still obtain their own home inspection even if I present them with a thorough report, upfront?

Many  good Realtors® will still recommend that their buying clients obtain  their own home inspections, even if a thorough and professionally done  report is made available by the sellers. 

However,  we find that most of the time many buyers will decide not to spend  their money on another home inspection when they feel comfortable with  the one presented to them when they first inquire about your house.  That’s why it's so important to have it inspected by an experienced  company like Home One Property inspections

What if the home inspection I have done upfront uncovers property conditions that make my home less attractive?

That’s  actually the most important reason to have an inspection done  preemptively! The early inspection gives you a better chance to stay in  control of information your buyers will otherwise discover eventually,  anyway.

When  a “pre-marketing” inspection is done, the sellers have a chance to see  their homes through the eyes of prospective buyers. If certain negative  aspects are discovered through the inspection process, the sellers have a  chance to take some meaningful steps to market their home 

In a much more positive light. Here are several ways to take advantage of early inspection information:

1)     Certain problems can be eliminated through repair or replacement  without the buyers ever needing to know about them. When this strategy  is appropriate, the report can ethically be revised to reflect only the  new conditions.

2)     If sellers feel that most buyers would ask for certain repairs or  upgrades, they can have the work done before showing the home and then  attach receipts to the appropriate pages of the report. (This strategy  goes a long way towards smoothing the negotiating process.)

3)     Sellers can choose to leave certain imperfections stand as they are,  awaiting the buyer’s response. Even this strategy keeps the sellers in  control, as the negotiated purchase price will be firm, with the  disclosed information already taken into account.

What if a buyer’s inspector finds additional problems?

Every  home inspector has a slightly different perspective. It’s entirely  possible that other home inspectors will report some issues that were  not included in your final listing inspection report. That’s to be  expected. 



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